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Fine Tutors is an established school which provides exceptional teaching to students from Key Stage 1 up to A Levels. The core subjects are comprehensively taught according to individual levels, age and capabilities. Students are constantly encouraged to achieve results above their target and expectations. Fine Tutors strives to vigorously teach subjects to firstly broaden the understanding of specific subjects, which is achieved by basing the teaching on the national curriculum to promote students to achieve exceptional grades.


Years 1 and 2 are very important for a child’s development. During these two years, the foundations of English and mathematics (reading, writing, and arithmetic) are developed. It is essential that children learn as much as possible in this time so that they can be ready for KS2. The patterns developed in this stage often carry forward to the later years, and a good start can result in enthusiasm and interest that will shape the child’s attitude and grades in the later years. Our tutors are compassionate and understanding, and we look after our youngest students with the care of a parent.


During the years 3-6 the curriculum children will be exposed to significantly deeper content than in KS1 and the need to analyse and draw conclusions will be greater. In addition, exam technique will start being developed in years 4 and 5. The important SATS and 11+ exams will be the target of these years so it is important to prepare as much as possible. We have dedicated 11+ and SATS teachers that specialise in teaching year 6 students, alongside materials that cover all aspects of the exam and the national curriculum.


At this stage the students will now have classes in up to 15 different subjects. This can often be confusing for children, resulting in distraction, loss of focus, and reluctance to study. This is a key reason why we focus our efforts on the core subjects that are essential to success during the later GCSE years. Maths, English and science equip students with the core skills necessary to study any subject later on so we focus on these and encourage parents to do the same. Toward the end of KS3, the students begin working on basic GCSE level material so that they can go into year 10 fully prepared.


The year 6 SATS are very important: schools assess teachers and students using the results of these exams. It is used to determine which set of students children are grouped into, which can have a large impact on performance. If a child is grouped into a high achieving set then it is more likely they will succeed. This is for several reasons including the teacher’s attitude, the students’ behaviour in class, the effect on group work, and many other factors. We focus on ensuring that students get the highest possible grades and our track record is excellent.


The GCSE examinations are the first set of exams that will be assessed by employers. Good GCSEs in maths and English are essential to any graduate job in the UK and are a basic requirement of employers. Colleges and sixth forms use them to decide if a student is suited to A-levels which subjects can be taken. In addition, universities take GCSE grades into account when assessing applications from prospective students. All of this means that students must aim for the highest possible grades in these exams, and at Fine Tutors this is exactly what we do. We have specially developed materials for GCSE that take students from the very start, all the way to an A* (grade 9), following the exam specifications and national guidelines. Our learning is based around the completion of the materials, finished off with extensive past paper practice and the results are outstanding.


A-levels are the most important pre-university examinations and will determine the subject and institution that you will be able to attend. The course runs for 2 years with students usually taking 3 subjects. The content is deep and complicated and the courses move very fast.

Students often are unprepared for the change in pace from GCSE and find themselves falling behind almost immediately which can cause distress and panic. Our A-level tutors are experienced in these situations and will help take you to the top of the class. In year 12 we target the mock exams at the end of the year (or at the start of year 13), which are used by school to predict the students grades for the UCAS applications.

It is essential that students perform exceptionally in this so that they can attend a good university and take their chosen course. Our tutors graduated from top universities like Imperial College, UCL, and Kings College London and will help you succeed in your A-levels so that you can too.

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