Welcome to Fine Tutors and thank you for visiting our web page. We are proud to be one of the leading tutoring services in London and we are very highly esteemed by the parents and students alike. We expect that the details and facts provided on this site will offer you a summary of our work.

At Fine Tutors we offer a warm, friendly, welcoming and safe atmosphere for our students to boost their confidence. We ensure that at our centres, the students are motivated to learn and achieve the highest grades in their exams and become successful individuals and prosper in their lives. Students are offered advice guidance about their future studies and career pathways.

We have a diverse environment in all of our centres and our staff and students have different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. We ensure that the difference of beliefs, religions, languages and cultural backgrounds is celebrated. The parents of our students always feel that they leave their children in a safe and inspiring learning environment.

We have a very constructive relationship with the parents as we encourage them to provide us children’s feedback from the schools about their level and areas of improvement. We set weekly and monthly targets for the students and make individual learning plans for them. The parents are regularly provided feedback about their children’s progression.

Our resources and materials are very well planned and are aimed at improving children’s skills. Equally, our staff is very well trained and supervised to ensure that the targets set for each students are achieved.